Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Can a Bigenner Start SEO?

    Before beginning your search for an SEO, it's a great idea to become an educated consumer and get familiar with how search engines work. We recommend going through the entirety of this guide and specifically these resources: How Google Crawls

  • What is Mobile Responsive site?

    Regardless of the screen size and or device our team will ensure that they have an optimal experience no matter how they access your medical web design website. The advantages to your practice of having a responsive medical web design is that your website loads quickly without any distortions. We make two edits- one medical web design for your PC users and one medical web design for your mobile/tablet users. Enquire now for our past work and a demonstration of web design responsiveness now.

  • Why to Upgrade your existing website?

    Integrate customisation to your website such as online booking system, videos and contents to attract more patients online. Let our medical and dental web design experts take control. We provide alternatives on ways that may assist your company’s ranking. Enquire now for assistance.

  • What features you can build?

    The sky is the limit with what our web design and web development team can customises and create the features your business needs, our team will always over impress you with the final result and strategy put in to the features.

  • How to pick hardware?

    Based on your budget we help you to provide the latest computer equipment — including chair-side workstations for your operatory, administrative computers for the front desk and laptop computers.

  • What about backup data in Clould?

    Our team will provide you solution to store your date on any type of cloud resources on Azure, AWS, Google, Osmicro Cloud etc.

  • What is the App Development?

    Application is something special features you want to add to your office. For example patient checkin or daily reporting or claims status check. Our team will write sotware to exceed your requirements.

  • How can you help with Claims and Insurance?

    We have our team that will verify insurance for your office, send claims and do posting for you.

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