Paperless Solution for your offce

Patients can complete and sign all the forms for doctor’s office from any device with internet connectivity, at home or on the go. Seamless electronic transfer between individuals and departments


Patient Info

You can get custom forms for you office and in multiple languages. The patient can fill the forms at their convenience using multiple devices. You can all the family members in one form and submit the insurance information


Medical Dental History

There are many interrelationships between general health and oral health, and there are also many interactions of drugs that affect dental care. Below are some explanations of why we need to know about health conditions.



Patient can read and sign HIPAA complient forms. HIPAA compliant forms solution enabling patients to transmit their Health Information prior to initial visit. Secure, Online Patient Registration for your website.

Why go paperless?

A paperless office makes you look more pro saves you time and money

Going paperless will turn your business into an organised oasis of productivity and profit—but the prospect of eliminating every scrap of paper from your business is overwhelming.
Good news: You don’t have to do it all at once, and you don’t even have to go 100% paperless to make a positive impact on your business!

Good for patients, great for staff

Our online eForms – fully integrated into our office software program – are simple to use for patients and staff. Patients can click on a link and quickly and conveniently complete and even sign eForms on their tablets or mobiles, either at home before their appointment or in your waiting room.


Multiple Devices


Mutliple Langauge


Custom forms


Great Support

We adapt to the new changes and provide you with the updated new forms.

New help

Online Data Science Courses

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Secure storage of information

Finally – and most importantly – is the security of the information in the eForms. We utilise high-level encryption and authentication measures to help ensure the safety of your patient and practice information at all times. Contact us to find out how you can implement dental practice management software and eForms in your practice.


Forms are fully customisable

eForms gives you editable templates so you can hit the ground running, but there’s also the option to further customise forms for your patients. The ePortal allows you to create tailored forms with the questions worded how you want them, so you can get to know your patients better and show your practice’s commitment to true individual service.

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